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Understanding new source code
is every programmer's
biggest challenge

A $60K/annum employee may very well take $120K before reaching the productivity level and
contribution of the developer who left the team. Dave Laribee
39% of survey respondents view application complexity as their top challenge. 78% say the need to visualize and analyze complex datasets is expanding. Trends in Web Technologies – A Global Research Report

GitUML helps programmers understand new code more quickly.

Understand code quickly

Automatically generate UML class diagrams from source code residing in git repositories.

A revolution in documentation

GitUML rapidly produces beautiful UML class diagrams every time.

  • Diagrams automatically update when you push code using git
  • Diagrams are always up to date
  • This let's programmers focus on coding instead of fussing with drawing tools.

Point and Click

Browse any git repository on the web and select the files you want to visualise.

  • Popular public repositories listed
  • Browse your own repositories
  • Automatic layout - saving you time

Gallery View

Access your diagrams via a thumbnail gallery.

  • Click to edit or delete, duplicate etc
  • View descriptions and user comments
  • Search by repository or tags

Keep diagrams simple

Communicate what's important

  • Select only the files and classes that you want
  • Capture knowledge
  • Each diagram tells a story, your way

Refine your diagrams

Add anything you want to your diagrams

  • Attach yellow text notes to any class
  • Add additional classes & relationships
  • Use "point and click" to add common elements or use PlantUML markup

Losing staff who "know the code"
is every company's fear

Unplanned turnover hurts — especially when you lose top people. Aaron Reed
The total cost of losing an employee can range from tens of thousands of dollars to
1.5 to 2 times their annual salary. Rachel Ferrigno

GitUML protects your intellectul property when staff turnover occurs.

Productive Handovers

Developers with knowledge can document designs rapidly before they leave

  • Preserve knowledge of the code
  • Offboard existing staff with more confidence.
  • Onboard new staff more quickly - saving you money

Share your diagrams

Diagrams are URLs

  • Each diagram is a permalink URL internet resource.
  • Share diagrams with your team, in print, blogs and documentation.
  • Turn off GitUML git push auto update to lock a diagram to a moment in time.

Attract contributors

Get more contributors to Open Source projects. Contribute more.

  • Key design diagrams of Github projects helps everyone.
  • Attract more contributors by making it easier for them to understand the code.
  • Contribute more productively to well documented projects.


GitUML roadmap

  • Python 2 & Python 3 language support - (complete).
  • Javascript - (early 2018).
  • Java - (mid 2018).
  • C# - (late 2018).
  • StackExchange for GitUML diagrams for open source projects - (2019).

Benefit Summary :

Leaders of IT projects...


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