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Featured Diagrams

Here are a list of featured diagrams, showing the kind of things you can do with GitUML.


#86 csharp example
Created by: admin   published
Language: CSharp
Repository: SolutionsDesign/Algorithmia  github
Commit: master
Tags: featured-csharp
Description: C# support now in GitUML! This example taken from Algorithmia GitHub repository - some random namespaces and classes being visualised. C# support currently being enhanced to support namespaces being visualised as packages.

Public Diagrams by Others

#1084 Untitled Svelto.ECS
Created by: None   private
Language: CSharp
Repository: sebas77/Svelto.ECS  github
Commit: master
#234 GS2 SDK for Unity - GS2-Account
Created by: kazutomo   published
Language: CSharp
Repository: gs2io/gs2-sdk-for-unity  github
Commit: master
Tags: unity gs2 gs2-account
Description: GS2-Account