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Here are a list of featured diagrams, showing the kind of things you can do with GitUML.

TodoMVC Related

#181 MVCA-architecture
Created by: admin   published
Language: Unknown
Repository: abulka/todomvc-oo  github
Commit: master
Tags: featured-todomvc
Description: ## MVCA Architectural Pattern The TodoMVC-OO project fully implements the TodoMVC specification. It is implemented without a framework, using plain Object Oriented programming + the MVCA architectural design pattern: Whilst the MVC (Model View Controller) pattern is …

Public Diagrams by Others

#1379 Matchday UML
Created by: briankinsella26   published
Language: Unknown
Repository: briankinsella26/matchday-android  github
Commit: develop
#854 Plaid-PlantUML.puml
Created by: MarwanRefaat   published
Language: Unknown
Repository: marwanrefaat/PlantUML  github
Commit: main
Tags: plaid
#706 Linked-List-Project
Created by: None   private
Language: Unknown
Repository: GomezAnthony/Linked-List-Project  github
Commit: main
#233 GS2 PHP SDK
Created by: kazutomo   published
Language: Unknown
Repository: gs2io/gs2-php-sdk  github
Commit: master
Tags: sdk