#26 tensorflow compute_bleu and how its tested

fallback image probably showing plantuml error image



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This is a visualisation of a tiny bit of TensorFlow, the 'transformer' package's 'compute_bleu' modules and tests.

This TensorFlow repository contains a number of different models implemented in TensorFlow:

The official models are a collection of example models that use TensorFlow's high-level APIs. They are intended to be well-maintained, tested, and kept up to date with the latest stable TensorFlow API. They should also be reasonably optimized for fast performance while still being easy to read. We especially recommend newer TensorFlow users to start here.

The research models are a large collection of models implemented in TensorFlow by researchers. They are not officially supported or available in release branches; it is up to the individual researchers to maintain the models and/or provide support on issues and pull requests.

Modules being visualised

List of repository modules/files being visualised in the above diagram: